YNS offers a tailored, comprehensive Turnkey IT service. From the initial consultation, through a variety of implementation options, to ongoing support during and after the project. We have you covered.

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Specialists in Wireless technologies, we also service and implement Wired and Converged networks. Using these technologies, we can create the workplace of Tomorrow, together.

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YNS Network Solutions designs, optimizes and deploys Smart Networks. Combining both Wired and Wireless technologies we enable secure, Seamless Mobility for organisations from Startups through to Enterprise scale.


Benefit from our vast experience in designing and deploying WiFi networks in- and outdoors. Our designs have proven successful in business enterprises, health care institutions and retail markets, among others.


Whatever the IT requirements for your business, YNS can offer full Turnkey Service. From the initial consultation to connecting an office of hundreds, all with top notch support provided throughout the entire process.


Our detailed analysis allows us to carefully tailor our products to our clients needs. Avoiding the one-size-fits-all approach results in more efficient networks, superior performance, and reduced running costs.


We have planned and deployed over a million square meters of wireless networks, connecting tens of thousands of mobile clients.


Our team of highly qualified & experienced engineers have helped influence the industry’s evolution. Their average industry experience is 10 years.


Everything we do has security baked in from the very beginning, not simply attached on at the end.

Speed & Agility

Our flat hierarchy of experts allows us to sidestep bureaucratic bloat, and deliver fast agile service.


Precise resource allocation creates networks without bottlenecks that perform better and with lower running costs.


With our emphasis on laying good foundations, we create networks that scale easily. This is especially important for those in the Startup environment

State of the art

This industry evolves fast. We are constantly monitoring industry standards and advancements to provide the best opportunities to our clients, and future-proof our work.

Global Reach

Based in Berlin and with a focus on Europe, we have engineers situated across 5 continents and over 40 cities.


We understand the importance of communication. Our consultancy and support teams will be able to converse with you in your native language.

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